The world’s leading classical music channel. is an online platform for streaming classical music videos created in 2008 by Hervé Boissière. A selection of 55 integral masterclasses of iClassical Academy is present in Medici TV Masterclass selection.
The world's leading, comprehensive violin and strings news source. A must-join for all violinists, string players and classical music fans. Founded by Geoffrey John Davies in 2009. A selection of special pre-views of iClassical Academy Masterclasses is presented on the Violin Channel website and social media. 
The Alice and Eleonore Schoenfeld International String Competition for Violin, Cello, and Chamber aims to enrich the culture of music by recognizing and promoting highly gifted young musicians. Founded by Alice Schoenfeld in 2012. iClassical Academy is a partner of Schoenfeld International String Competition and records a selection of the Masterclasses, selected with the best Professors each edition. 
Naxos, the world's leading Performing Arts DVD distributor, brings Educational Institutions an extensive streaming video library of classical music performances, opera, ballet, live concerts and documentaries. Naxos Records was founded by Klaus Heymann in 1987.
    Launched in 2006, ARCHI magazine is the two-monthly classical music publication dedicated to the Music String World and official publication of the Italian Strings Society (Accademia Italiana degli Archi). The magazine is written by musicians, journalists, musicologists and well-established luthiers.
The aim of As.Li.Co., the Lirica and Concertistic Association, based in Milan in Italy, is to select young emerging European singers, forming a high-level training course, and the opportunity to debut in the most important Italian theatres. Every year As.Li.Co. select hundreds of young singers from all over Europe for the main roles of the opera season. Each singer is given the opportunity to enrich their experience of singing in the most important theatres. iClassical Academy is a media partner of AsLiCo 2019. 
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