The day when Beethoven got a "No!"


Technique and features of Fortepiano. In this video Guido Bizzi, Owner of the “Accademia Europea Villa Bossi” shows the features of the next of kin of modern Piano, that is the Fortepiano. How it’s built, which registers it has, and how famous composers wrote important pieces to be performed on this instrument. Guido also tells us an interesting story about the times following the French Revolution, which in the end were not so far from ours. Then enjoy a very fast and demanding performance by the young talented Riccardo Bisatti.

A Harpsichord built on your taste


How a Harpsichord should sound. To understand a music composition, it’s often necessary to know for which instrument it was originally composed, especially in the era of baroque music. In this video Guido Bizzi, Owner and founder of the “Accademia Europea Villa Bossi” shows how a harpsichord is made, what kind of sounds it allows and how the performers can use it. The performance is played by Riccardo Bisatti, 17 years old pianist, who was recently prized at the Italian Chamber of Deputies, and, in addition to his outstanding talent, attended specialized masterclasses for playing Harpsichord and Fortepiano.

Never heard of the word "Aliquot"?


The Bluthner Aliquot. Thanks to the experience of Guido Bizzi, we have the occasion to see from very close a very particular modern Piano, choosen amongst the hundreds of unique instruments that Guido had in his famous laboratory, sited close to Varese (Italy). This one is built with a system of additional strings which gives a very fascinating character to the performance of Riccardo Bisatti, very young talented pianist, who presents an excerpt from Brahms Fantasies.