Feldenkrais Method for Violin (Ravel Tzigane)

Know your motor schemes!

Chopin Piano Etude NO. 3, OP. 10

Etudes as Compositions

Neruda Trumpet Concerto in E Flat 1st mov

Meter and Syncopation

Here are this week masterclasses: 

1) FELDENKRAIS METHOD FOR VIOLIN (RAVEL TZIGANE). This method for auto training is based on the awareness of our motor schemes and reorganizing of muscle reactions, improving the sound through a full-range connection between mind and body. Featured professor Uri Vardi.
2) CHOPIN ETUDE NO. 3, OP. 10 Chopin was one of the few composers who considered the Etude as a real composition, not only and our teacher goes very deep into some topics and focused on how to achieve the best out of it. Featured professor Ricardo Castro.
3) NERUDA TRUMPET CONCERTO IN E FLAT 1ST MOV. Beautiful movement from the Czech composer. The movement is not too long and it's not too difficult, so our teacher uses it to focus on Meter all along the masterclass, with special topics about Syncopation and Trills. Featured professor Ram Oren.
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